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Blue welcomes butcher, Jonny Farrell!

“Our contributor heads over to Blue to check out the bespoke butchery services they are offerring through the guidance of experienced butcher, Jonny Farrell. Our mouths are watering and we can’t wait to take home an ethically sourced quality cut of meat and sear it up ourselves!

The weather has taken a turn making way for my favourite season of outdoorsy stuff and, of course, barbecues. To pick my selection of meats for the first grill session of the season, I headed to the new butcher shop which recently opened its doors at Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist on Hollywood Road. The bespoke butchery service boasts of offering the best homemade sausages and burgers in town, all from ethically raised meats sourced from across the world…”

Jonny Farrell

Hi I’m Jonny, the Resident Butcher at Blue – Butcher & Meat Specialist. Originally from a village in Northern England, the concept of butchering was very much a part of my upbringing where I would often catch my father skinning rabbits or plucking pheasants but it wasn’t until my move to Shanghai that really harnessed my passion for butchery. I fell madly in love with the trade and began to teach myself knife works and the different parts of each animal. Now based at Hong Kong’s answer to a premium Butcher Shop, I aim to deliver unique, aged and premium cuts of meat for you to take home or to enjoy at our restaurant. Contact me at butcher@bluebutcher.com to reserve your favourite cuts!