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Mam’s Gravy Recipe

Growing up we always had a Sunday roast and for me one of the best parts of any roast is the gravy, I could drink pints of the stuff. Now it’s a little colder its perfect to roast a bit of meat. Here’s me mam’s gravy recipe!

  • The secret is to use meat juice and the water from which you cook your veg
  • When your meat is cooked and put to rest, its all the juices at the bottom of the roasting tray that you’re wanting
  • Mix a heaped tablespoon of plain flour with some of the veg water and form a paste
  • Put the tray over your gas or induction unit and add the paste and stir remembering to scratch all the meaty goodness off
  • Whisk together until it’s gently simmering and then take off the heat
  • Push through a sieve into a pan ready to refine
  • Here’s where you can get creative with either adding stock (if it needs a little more oomph!), alcohol or herbs. If its chicken try thyme, if pork try port
  • Now season to taste but remember you probably used some salt in the potato water
Jonny Farrell

Hi I’m Jonny, the Resident Butcher at Blue – Butcher & Meat Specialist. Originally from a village in Northern England, the concept of butchering was very much a part of my upbringing where I would often catch my father skinning rabbits or plucking pheasants but it wasn’t until my move to Shanghai that really harnessed my passion for butchery. I fell madly in love with the trade and began to teach myself knife works and the different parts of each animal. Now based at Hong Kong’s answer to a premium Butcher Shop, I aim to deliver unique, aged and premium cuts of meat for you to take home or to enjoy at our restaurant. Contact me at butcher@bluebutcher.com to reserve your favourite cuts!