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Jonny Farrell

Our resident Butcher Jonny Farrell offers a bespoke butchery service, taking orders for our signature 45 day Dry Aged 12-18 year old Galician Blonde Bone-in Rib-eye and giving advice on choosing the right cut. If you would like to enjoy Blue at home select any of the unique, aged and premium cuts of meat on offer from our ground floor Butcher’s Shop.

Using a very traditional butchery method known as seam butchery, Jonny prepares the meat by separating the joint and cutting along the natural seams. This method an art in itself and is far more respectful of the carcass.

Whilst he prepares and packages your selection of take home cuts, take a seat and enjoy our ground floor open air bar with a snack and cocktail, wine or craft beer on tap.

Whole animals are butchered to order and dry aged in our in-house pink Himalayan salt brick lined ageing room.

For centuries salt bricks have been proven to have therapeutic benefits – but only recently has the gastronomic world enjoyed what it does to the aging process. The salt helps to purify the air and leaves the meat with a slightly sweeter flavour yet still retaining the distinctive dry aged taste.


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Known for its exceptional marbeling flavour
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